February 19th, 2012

The guys at Young Replicant had the great idea when they made this new Hooray For Earth video. Actually, the record shows that the directors took visual cues from their favorite Russian cult sci-fi films and the French artist Moebius. Props to videographer Tom Banks, who shot this.

February 18th, 2012

This video comes with “some” delay but Wearelwz finally wrapped it up over the last two crazy weeks. Amongst Giants is a project crafted by Matthias Hacksteiner. All songs have been composed and mixed by him and were recorded in Salzburg and Munich with eleven studio musicians.

February 18th, 2012

The introduction features the skateboarders performing tricks on or over obstacles such as blocks and stair sets while they are exploding. Shown in very slow motion, the intro is accompanied by a soundtrack from electronic music group M83.

February 17th, 2012
El Guincho

This video is one of the craziest and weirdest I’ve seen in a while. There are so many different scenes where the viewer is left with questions. Though, after I’ve watched it a couple of times, some things do make sense. By the way if you’re allergic to titties, don’t watch.

February 15th, 2012

Some people die in a very theatrical way. The samurai in the video for ‘Lovely Bloodflow’ from Baths is a perfect example. Directed and produced by L.A. based Young Replicant Agency, ‘Lovely Bloodflow’ made it onto Pitchfork’s Top Music Videos of 2010.

February 13th, 2012

The project WhiteBox, designed by artist Yan Breuleux visual media and electronic music composer Alain Thibault, is an audio-visual performance for 4-channel video and audio using modules generative digital content and a system of “mapping” video.

February 12th, 2012

The Product, a Berlin-based design studio with a focus on objects, space and interaction, was commissioned by Volkswagen to develop a set of visuals for an interactive musical performance for the premiere of the New Beetle at the 2011 IAA motor show. What the client got instead was Soundmachines.

February 11th, 2012

Created by Sebastian Trump, Orphion is a musical instrument in-between string and percussion. Aim is to create easy or virtuosic melodies just by moving fingers on virtual pads. Included are a several layouts and depending on the surface area of your touch, the sound is softer or on the contrary with more attack.

February 10th, 2012

After the clip “Otis” Jay-Z and Kanye West, here is the highly anticipated new video for “Ni ** as in Paris” excerpt from their collaborative album Watch The Throne. A superb achievement and a capture during their tour dates in Los Angeles. Discover in video after the jump.